Seven Moons Oracle: 16. The Hermit

Seven Moons Oracle: The Hermit

A T’chy nesting ground known as the swamp of T’chy by others, and D’ra o’ae. A T’chy watcher is keeping and eye on the nests in this section of the D’ra o’ae, watching for those who may steal of kill the young. It is a task taken in turns by all T’chy whom wish to raise young.


The inner voice calls from within, that you should take time to heal, to gather strength and to protect what is yours. It is your turn to take watch over the campsite, or eggs, or whatever. It is your time to be patient and look at what is coming and prepare for it as best you can.


Treason is abounds, a great fracture, a great lie. You know this was coming but did you prepare? Perhaps, or perhaps not. You have seen a great crime or perhaps committed one. Maybe you planned well and things can be cleaned up, fixed and you can make restiution. Or perhaps this was something you had to do, or did accidently and now you must face consequences.

Seven Moons Oracle 15: Moons

Seven Moons Oracle: Moons

A selection of the Moons of Aloom, as seen from space. The moons you can see are Gur, Mari, Clee, and Tombre.


Imagination apart from the spirit is something that needs some careful thought. Sometimes our imagination is fearful, anxious, and can make us feel distant from our true intention. When one only concentrates on imagination without taking into account our fears and disconnection from reality it can be a disastrous and somewhat dangerous path. It’s the old adage that good intentions can eventually lead to bad decisions. Our nature can be very animalistic, or very distant from reality, or both. Perhaps your current path is going somewhat in a direction that you might find yourself realising your intentions and your current reality and decisions are no longer aligned.


Instable, unstable, unknown silence is present. A mystery of greater proporions and fears presents itself. A error. A mistake. A bad decision. You meant well. You wanted to good. But you are not on a stable footing anymore. You need to get back to your path. Something needs to happen and perhaps that means slowly backing away.

Seven Moons Oracle 14: Aloom

Seven Moons Oracle 14: Aloom

Seven Moons Oracle 14: Aloom

Aloom the mother gas giant for the system of Moons that make up the seven moons of Aloom. It makes an appearance in the sky of all the moons and has been the focus of many tales, myths, religions and even the occasional war. In the jungles on Gur, the great Zigarut of Aiwel’th basks in the light of Aloom as the night begins. The sky of all the moons of Aloom have a nighttime feature called “Aloomlight” that is a sort of extra dusk as the light reflected from the great giant basks their night sky with extra light before they turn away.


Inspiration is on its way or has already arrived! Hope and joy and love are all also things that can come from this card appearing in the spread.


You have somehow blocked your inspiration. Something is not working, something is not letting you be inspired. Look at your life and how you could rest, recuperate or get rid of something toxic that is blocking your inspiration and hope.

Seven Moons Oracle 13: The Tower

Seven Moons Oracle 13: The Tower

The tower is about destructive change. A sharp, harsh, new reality has been created or is about to be created. It can mean war, a storm, a disaster, a new job, something that completely changed the world for you and yours. Lightning has struck, and it has created something new, sometimes good sometimes bad, either way big change.


Reversed you are apathetic towards a change. Your view and life has led to a point whereby you have become negligent towards your reality and things are not going to happen how they are meant to. You need change and without it, when lightning strikes you will not be prepared.

Seven Moons Oracle 12. The Knife

Seven Moons Oracle 12. The Knife

Seven Moons Oracle 12: The Knife

As you form attachments and relationships the cords of life and love are bound. This is even more true at a hand-fasting, as your life cords are literally and symbolically tied together. Every relationship you have forms these cords, and some are cords you no longer want or need. This is where The Knife comes in. Often called “The Devil” in other oracle and tarot decks, this card is seduction and attachment to the material and physical pleasures. Its not that this is bad, per say, but that some of these attachments and pleasures are not all good or bad. They are in a way also knifes, that need careful balance and careful tending. To much of a good thing is possible and too much of a relationship is also possible. Things can turn sour and become burdensome, difficult or hurtful to you. You may need to look at your relationships, habits, life, and people who you spend time with, your physical and material world may be hindering your growth, you need to take heed, care and cut any cords you no longer need, want or have become bad. In the end your life will be better for it. Also remember any cord you cut may be something that helps your relationship with this person or thing, you can re-form your relationship when you have both healed and their is no longer any toxic attachment.


Generally the reverse of this card shows that you are now in a toxic relationship with a person, or object or at work. Things are not good for you and you feel bound, fearful and dominated. Yet you may also feel that your current life is luxurious and had more than it fair share of hedonism, and maybe that’s because you accept things as they are, even though they are wrong for others. You like your life, but things aren’t all ok, and how long will it be ok for you? Are you about to be cut loose yourself? If you live in fear and doubt for your future, this life isn’t ok, and it is scary to use the knife, but will someone else use it for you? I doubt it.

Seven Moons Oracle 11. Patience

Seven moons oracle 11. Patience

Seven Moons Oracle 11. Patience:

The three stones placed by the god of patience Iamoni are in the bottom of a secretive pond in the middle of a field of blade grass beyond the reach of any mortal. It is said when they are finally warn away by the relentless shallow waters very slow grinding, the universe shall end and be recreated from the three stones which contain the spark of life for the next universe after this. Iamoni had said themselves (for patience can have no gender) that the moons shall pass by their sun more than 10000 billion times before the blade grass dies and the waters recede and the three stones be exposed to even the slightest possibility they be found by any person whom could live till then. It is unlikely then that anyone will be able to get to them and try and take them or destroy them and it they are safe in their pond until then. They will return before that day to watch and wait at them till all suns are dead and all the life is dead and Iamoni will continue until nothing but those stones exist and then in the ensuring explosion of the new universe, they shall again be born and start the process anew.

Patience is a card with therefor a obvious meaning, beauty, life, death and many things require time and waiting and it is now that perhaps you have entered a point in which you will have to wait. The hourglass that might be a just visible shape in this card tells you that the time will come, but until it does patience is one of the universal virtues of all life.

Seven Moons Oracle 10: Death

Seven Moon Oracle: Death

Seven Moon Oracle 10: Death

Death is also about life, for one cannot exist without the other. Death comes to all living creatures and that means it is a natural thing. It is something that must come at the end of life, should that be when we would want it to or not. As we live, death is ever present, be it the death of cells, plants, other living things. Our cycle towards death always requires the passage of others. Energy comes from life into death, and then when death comes it creates new life, as life rots it feeds plants and that feeds fruit, vegetables and animals and we eat those, and as so it will be when we die. Being a part of this cycle is essential to the creation of new life and without it, all that would exist is nothing.

Death as card is not an indicator of the end of your life, it usually means the end of a relationship, project, task or simply the end of the day.


You are blocking a ending. You need to let go. If one thing never ends it means the next thing cannot begin and if this cycle stops, you would be likely finding yourself in dire straits. Yes, you can mourn, you can say goodbye, but also know that the new is coming and that without this passing the new cannot exist.

Seven Moons Oracle: 9. Hanged (SFW version)

Seven Moons Oracle: 9. Hanged (SWF Version)

Seven Moons Oracle 9. Hanged.

It is pretty clear to many what this card is about. No, its not all about fun times in the bedroom with your one or more significant people. I would like to say it was, but its not. Its actually about gaining knowledge, and that includes, well carnal knowledge. The wish to make a sacrifice in order to gain the knowledge of what something is like, the means to bring it about and gain the joy of that knowledge.


When reversed this card is about selfishness, cowardice and the hiding of knowledge from others. The telling of lies and the distance you create when you tell them.


Their is a NSFW nude version of this art, however you will have to pay me for access to the file. If your interested my contact details are on the commission page.

Seven Moons Oracle: 8. Strength

Seven Moons Oracle: 8. Strength

Strength is the card of passion and, well, strength. Your conviction, you love, your ability to pull through and do the thing. Your skills, your practice, your life has lead up to you drawing the bow of life on the course to its target. It will hit, as you have the strength to get that bow drawn.

The lioness is often the leader of the hunt, and as such so should you be the leader of your hunt, maybe its for a new job, or the shopping or a actual literal hunt. Whatever is happening you are on the hunt and this card is telling you, use your skill, cunning, guile, lust, whatever, to get you to your target.


This card when drawn reversed is somewhat the opposite, as is it most of the time. You have not done the right learning, or enough practice, you are not strong enough for the task ahead. You may come off as being inept, silly or worse corrupt. Or perhaps someone else is leading the hunting team down such a course. You need to practice your skills, hone your bow, get your aim on course, or else things are going to go awry.

Seven Moons Oracle: 7. Valor

Seven Moons Oracle: 7. Valor

Seven Moons Oracle Card 7. Valor

What exactly is Valor? It is courage, resilience, resistance, the ability to go on in tough times when things are not going so well. It is also the ability to see what you need to do to get through, make sure you are prepared to go the distance and also it is the courage to ask for help when you need it. When you need help, it’s ok to ask for it. Valour is about making sure we are aware we are not alone when we face the worst, and that there are others who have walked our path, even if there isn’t anyone here to help you now, you know that their spirit lives on in you and that can help you get to where you can get more physical assistance.

Valour Reversed

This card when drawn reversed is about the opposite of valour, which isn’t necessarily cowardice, more a lack of self-worth, a lack of feeling capable, or even feeling too sure of yourself, too proud to see that you are about to step off a cliff or get hurt. You may even hurt those you love, by having too much, or being unable to have enough, valour, and this is a time for you to seek our weather you have this, and how you can correct your course.

Seven Moons Oracle: 6. The Heart

Seven Moons Oracle: 6. The Heart

Seven Moons Oracle Card Number 6. The Heart

Usually “the lovers” the heart speaks to us in three fundamental ways. They are represented here in three different sorts of heart. The heart of a human, is the organ for many that signifies love, lovers, and a irreversible choice in the actions of you as a person. When choosing to love, you are opening yourself, making a commitment, and seeking to be loved yourself. One cannot expect love if you are not willing to do all three at once. The second is the spiritual symbol for the heart (on the moons of Aloom of course). Be it something you believe in or not, love is a spiritual connection to another person. It is something fundamental to you, and will bind you spiritually to another person. This may not be a love that is, in the end, one that included lovers intimacy. It may be the love of your sons, fathers, mothers, partners, daughters, yourself even. The last is the heartwood of the tree of life, the table that is made of it is under this heart and under the spiritual symbol for the heart. Heartwood is about the fundamental, irrevocable, unchangeable nature of a decision to allow yourself to love. This does not make it a bad thing, but it does tell you that once you love a person, love them completely, you will never be able to really forget their impact on you for good or ill. If your relationship does not work, the heartwood will be scared and worn by this, and it will keep this mark forevermore.

The Heart Reversed

When drawn reversed, the heart points to a failure. Be it failure of love or not, it is likely a failure that will effect you down to your soul. Things being contrary to your love and belief and sadness is likely in your current, if not your future. This is a warning, take it to head. Make sure you are making the right decisions, be extra careful in your dealings, seek extra help, talk to those you trust. This decision, whatever it is, is more important than most and it needs to be taken with plenty of support, as it is likely, if things don’t go well, they may well be disastrous to you and your loved ones.

Seven Moons Oracle: 5. Shaman

Seven Moons Oracle: 5. Shaman

Often the seen as a counterpart to the “Priestesses” the shaman represents the passing on of spiritual and magical / occult tradition and knowledge. They are the representation of the journey of initiation into the magical arts, be a tradition or solitary practice. The daulity’s of the shaman represents both male and female, life and death, good and evil, solid and liquid, above and below, knowledge and the unknown and so much more. Generally getting this card drawn upright points to trying to focus on tradition, conformity, adherence to the rules as something that might be needed right now. Drawing this card reversed points to the opposite, freedom, personal belief and challenging the status quo. However, in reality a true Shaman will know that duality is a part and parcel of all magical practice as is all aspects of the trinity that The Priestesses point towards.

Seven Moons Oracle: 4. Father

4. Father
The father card is about passing on knowledge, teaching, learning and practice. No one becomes a expert without practice, and no one knows this more than the father. Year after year in the cycle the father is born, grows into a man, and dies. In the meantime he must learn, practice, and the teach. Like all fathers he needs to pass on his knowledge to the next generation before dying so that they can grow up, have children, live as well as they can, and do the same thing. Be his children male, female, or some other gender no matter what, passing on the knowledge is vital to their survival out in the moons of Aloom. Be it teaching how to cook, eat, make things that are useful, make money, sell, or just being their when they are needed.

Father reversed
Tradition is a blessing and a curse. Each tradition has a start, a reason to exist and a death. Much like the father. However some will get stuck in thoughts, feelings, traditions, beliefs, so much that they can stop being truly their for their children. Some mothers do this too. The father reversed is a call to action, a point of telling you that a tradition, belief, thought, feeling should be let go. If you do not, it is likely the card will just keep appearing again and again until the consequences of your lack of action become so vast, you are unable to take heed and repair the damage.

Seven Moons Oracle: 3. Mother

3. Mother
The mother is about fertility. The mother of the moons brings fertile life to her seven kin. She is about abundance and looking after your family as best you can. By keeping your life open to fertility you will always find the mother is one who keeps making sure you are looked after. Her friends are the forest and the trees, and for those who help look after them she brings a bountiful harvest. Be warned though she is kind, loving and fertile, she is also a goddess of death, although you cannot see that here, it is in the background. Life needs death to function, and she is all to happy to kill to make sure life keeps going if need be. Basically, you may think your all that for being her kin, but your not all that if you don’t look after the land, she will come over and say why you not look after this land I give you? You should have. Now you shall see my vengeance is as harsh as my kindness is loving.

Mother reversed
You really need to look at your life. Fertility isn’t coming. The rains are not falling. The smoke won’t clear and you are down to your last meal. The mother is as cruel as she is kind and you need to look after your land as much as you look after yourself. If you are in a bad place, its time to leave. You need to look toward your feminine side and what can be done to help yourself get to more fertile pastures, or just look at how you can better look after the pastures you arealy have.

Seven Moons Oracle: 2. The Priestesses

2. The Priestesses
Often the High Priestess, this card usually is meant to convey stillness and passivity, but that is when the person writing the card believes that to be ultimate ideal woman. In the Seven Moons Oracle, it is not the case.

In the Seven Moons Oracle this card is about letting yourself be, yourself. Reflect yourself inwards as you do outwards. If you want to have a great big rock concert to do it, then that’s what you need to do. Being true to your inner instincts does not mean being silent. This is what this card is trying to convey.

It also reflect that the feminine form need not be one that reflects anyone else’s ideals. If you are female, right now in this moment, then that is what you are. If you are no female, then perhaps it is time to think about your own feminine side and what someone being female means to you. It can be loud, out and proud, or perhaps it is something else, just a spotlight on a stage, or a instrument of love and caring. Amplify this feeling and reflect upon it, let it shout out beyond yourself and sing.

The Priestesses Reversed
In the shadows of a stage their are cables, their are bits that poke out, lights that don’t shine as bright as they should, songs that aren’t as well received as they should be. You are seeking guidelines on what has gone wrong. As much as the priestesses is about being yourself, it is also about being a part of something bigger. How did your plans go awary? Did you make sure that cable was tied? Did you check the amps? Did you sing that last verse right? Did you do all the planning you could?

Things going wrong are often a sign that something in the planning was not quite right. The priestesses reversed often means you need to double, tipple check, or list all the things you did and work out exactly what it was that happened and look towards planning better in future. You fate very well could depend on it.

Seven Moons Oracle: The Mage

The Mage
The mage is the card for transformations. Particularly transformations that require a bit of magic. You will need your talents to help you through your next tasks. Anything you are good at and possibly things you are still learning and need to get better at. The mage points at both the sky and the earth and is the connection between the two. Connecting the heavens and the earth is something that requires magic and talent to get the result you are after. You may need to transform yourself, or help someone else make the transformation they need. Be careful though, to much magic can lead you astray. You will note two animals join the mage, the crab and the swift. Both are animals that live on the boundaries of life. The crab lives in both the sea and the earth and the swift lives in the sky and the sea. Transferring between them easily. The mage has learnt how to transfer between these two boundaries easily as well, and you may need to as well. Exploring the mysteries of the places we can’t easily travel without the help of a guide. The crab and the swift both help the mage explore and you will likely find yourself your own guides to help you on your journey. Perhaps they will be kind and wise, perhaps they may be dangerous and scary. Either way, they will have much to teach you and help you on your jouney.

The Mage: Reversed
You have found yourself stuck in a place you do not like. You are unable to transform. You can’t find or do what you want. You need to find your path again. You may need help. Perhaps in a form you do not like. To start to transform yourself you may have to listen to advice you are not ready to hear. It is time to be gather what energy you have left and listen to the advice you haven’t been willing to listen to. It may not all be 100% true. It may not be what you want or like. But listen you must, and use it in your best way to transform yourself back to who you want to be. You can then finally start on your journey again, and be able to look back on this time as a place you have no need for anymore.

Seven Moons Oracle: The Traveller

The Seven Moons Oracle is an oracle deck for storytelling and helping with writer’s block. It can also be used as a decision helping tool. If you don’t know what choice to take, the deck can help you revel the choice that is right for you. It might be used for prediction, that is true but that is not really my intention for the creation of this deck. The cards are also a part of my world-building for my modern fantasy universe, The Seven Moons of Aloom. Aloom is a gas giant that helpfully sits in the suns golden ratio zone. Its seven populated moons play host to an exceptionally diverse number of intelligent and non-intelligent species. There is also a magical force called Mai. Technology and those not blessed with the gift of being able to wield Mai, however, have been getting more complex.

Note for all the cards you can supplant the word “You” with “your character” or “your story”, etc., You, in this case, is just the easiest noun.

The Traveler

The Traveler is the card of beginnings. Every journey has a beginning. If this a journey you know has been coming, you are prepared, packed, ready to take any companions you need. You have your vehicle and you know which way the wind is taking you. If it is one you haven’t quite got ready for then it is probably time to prepare as you will be leaving soon and the wind favours those who are prepared. You need to make sure you are going the right way, the map is leading you to where you need to go, the hotel is booked, etc. Any time now you could be off on your new journey and you need to make sure you are ready.

Often this card in a lot of Oracle decks is called The Fool or The Beginner. However, you need not be a fool or a beginner to start a new journey. You can be an expert traveller or even just one who has done this before. Going on this journey may not be what you want, or need, but it is going to happen anyway and that doesn’t stop you from getting ready and trying your best to learn from the trip.

This doesn’t have to be an actual journey. Perhaps a new thing is coming into your life, a new friend or challenge, a new job or even a spiritual journey you are about to go on. Your journey can just be a new year or a new day. Every part of life is a journey.

The Traveler Reversed
This is not a journey you are prepared for. You are already on the road and you have forgotten some essentials. You you can see a storm on the horizon and you are scared. You need not be scared though. The traveller teaches us that we can keep on going no matter what happens and if we can find someone to help us, then all the better. Get your friends, family, whoever you can to help you. You will need them. Get your journey to take you to the shops and get some supplies. Anything to keep you going as your journey is not over and you need to find your bearings at keeping ongoing.