Flowers that bloom in the night

From the warmth of our desire

Inside the minds we share with fire

Blooming in moonlight given time 

Flower that bloom in the night
Down by the lake the ducks still swim

I’ve never seen the ice so thin

Warming the nights we are giving in

Flowers that bloom in the night
Touching your face and feeling soft

I didn’t even notice the spot

Were we kissed had gone

Flowers that bloom in the night 
I haven’t seem in so long

Earning to miss the touch of your tounge 

The gentle breeze of your breath of song

Flowers that bloom in the night
Down at the beach the sun will rise

Warming the earth and killing the time

Wind and the storm that stole the rhyme 

Flowers that bloom

Flowers that bloom

In the night

Flowers in Hell

That place of fright that fear is a might. We live in the blight of all our own maze. Blaze our minds and raise our hills.

Glass and steel given out hatred mills to a place given all still.

Lights flicker and dance to our endless trance.

It’s a glance from a uncommon fellow to sell all out bellows.

Flowers in hell. Bloom just as well.

I see that they are actually a thing that we do sing. In the mind there are horrors of fright and such a sights. Internal demons just as big as external demands.

When will we realize that nature doesn’t care?

Flowers in hell, bloom just as well.