Discordant keys

Volunteer your discordant keys


A set of bloody maul


Trumpeting the local call


Befriending only whiskey colored clouds


Despite these loud crowds


Surprise and respite disjoint the thoughts inside


Lonely, mountain cries


Flowers in two colors in the winds


Send them in, send them in.


Smiling at how far I have come

Watching the swish of the dress I have on

Feeling the breeze and the fabric

Feeling the woman I am inside, outside

Seeing those who look

Hearing those who comment

The new dress is a blessing

Don’t need any more guessing

Flowers and blue

And brand new shoes

Future tense

Dizzy confused fog
Covers all the road
Sticky on your back
Feel like a toad

Hopping on hope puddles
Made of false dreams
Electric nightmares
Filled with red cream

Sloshing in simmering hate
Fear coming to join in
In the end you will be late
Disguised masked bait

Contrail of future tense
A fog you can somehow follow
But still blind
In this everlasting shadow