Dragon Princess Love

             Fire scales 
             Warm touch 
            Don’t prickle 
             warm snake 
            Gentle caress 
            Silky smooth 
           Clothing falls  
             beyond my  
             Breasts an  
             Little tiny 
             Long tines 
           Tickling touch 
           Around a-re-ola 
         I take my turn too 
        Stroke her feathers 
        Softness it defined  
        Down her back from 
        Her head they have 
       Made a trail. For my 
      Fingers slowly follow  
      Every vane, rachis by 
      Its downy roots. They 
      Shiver at every little  
       Touch as I reach down
        Her   bottom   curls   
         Tiny   downy  bits 
          Mixed  with  the  
           Exquisite blue  
            Shiny   scale  
              As her  
               Turns                     . 
                Her                    -in 
                 Tail                   Jo 
                 Wraps             We 
                     Around      And 
                           My waist 

Floral Flickers

Gradually the gradient gives into a flight of pivotal moments

Trickle the droplets pulled into a flicking daze 

Shiny glaze from my warmth 


Soft warm flesh, nonetheless a sensualist tickle play

Tendrils, tendrils pointing fractals of my petals 

Biting then down on the honey, triplet a covert action  

Nipple, tickle, the prickles and teeth out to bite to your furry might

Fight, fight it with a kiss firm and fully aware

Rubbing down to the bones

Thrusting until I let go of all this and more

Striped theith, you stole my honey heart

Herald for euphoria

Sound the trumpets of delight,
The mighty wings of joy that spread through our own betwixt might,
In addition to our exclusive flowers, taste the fruit of the hours

Thundering down the plain,
Put forward the Calvary’s domain,
The squelching paps of angelic grass,
Celebrating all that has come and past

For flags are to wave,
On our parapets of ours to cave,
Into the Casino of desires,
A lottery were winning erupts in joyful fires