Alinga St

(From the archive)

Caution you weary days
Travelers on their way
From here to work
Or home, they skirt
By buses they are gurt

Glowing lights of night the street comes
Alive with all sorts of frivolity and fun
We see mouse dance and peacock prance

But the buses are back by morning


Pushing inside out

Up upon the valley

   ( Soft skin.)       Light taste lack.

Control gone to sleep

            Impulse hillside

    Making.          Instead of the night.

Wanting inside. Wanting inside. 

        Tougher was the strength.

Demands.           / Anger. /  Regrets.

Change and change and change.


Holding together in the answers.



    ///feeling loss///  of the time///

Black noises. 

New time. Is it good? When, when?

Hiding from the same thing. 

      ///! Petal /// 

Orange juice.