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Hammersmith Comic

  • Comic is currently in chapter: Prelude

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Sol System:


Mars was a communistic republic world-state for many years. It has now mostly embraced democracy and joined into the SOL. The SOL forces though are deeply under-resourced and the Mars RK police are the enforcers of peace. Pirates have infiltrated their ranks. Ones that may not always listen to orders from their superiors. Mars is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Elysium Mons:

Chosen as the site for the first colonists due to the ease of being able to spread the various gases that would be used in the Terraforming process. The Elysium is split into four provenances

Elysium Mons: Shadow Plain 

The main part of the Elysium bulge was renamed the Shadow plain due to the darker mornings on this side of the colossal mountain. The terraforming has made the Shadow Plain valuable farmland. Nearby is the Amazonian reef. The long Shoal river splits first quarter of the plain into two areas. Currently, no bridges span the huge river.

Elysium Mons: Amazonis Planitia

The Amazonis planitia like the Utopia platinia is mostly ocean with a coast made up of parts of the Elysium plateau and the bulge of Abor Tholis. It’s right most part contains islands and reefs which despite their remoteness attract may braver tourists. It is said the Red Clan has a rouge base here have broken off from the Clan to help Mars go back to communism, not a goal of the larger clan.

Elysium Mons: Utopia Planitia

Utopia is mostly ocean.

Elysium Mons: Lowlands



As part of the SOL administration some old Nation States have administrative bodies that look after the local affairs. As the Incident destroyed many cities and populations these administrations often have big issues to deal with and often have the powers to deal with them. Earth is still gettung used to being in a global government.

– Northern America
– Canada
– United American Admisitrations

– Europe
— Brussels SOL Earth Capital

— India

Moon (Luna/Selene):
The moon is split into two administrations, Luna on the side facing earth and Selene on the side facing away from Earth.

– Copernicus City
A city within the Copernicus region of the Moon.

– Apenninus SOL Space Force Base
The major SOL space force base on Luna. Hosts a fleet of SOL fighters and SOL soldiers.

– Lamber Station
A electric Maglev tram station for Luna colonists outside Lambert city.

– Lambert City
A city sitting inside the Lambert creater. Like most Luna cities its underground to protect it against radiation and meteoroids.

– Cavern Base
Cavern base has been built near the old Apollo 15 landing site, near the Mountains into the side of a cliff face.

Selene is on the Dark side of the moon.
– Selene Space Port

– Regent city
A refugee city, mostly populated by people escaping war of famine in the old countries on Earth.

Asteroid Systems:
– Trojens
– Greeks
– Hilda’s
– Sol’s Belt
— Titans
The inner belt is now

— Romans
The outer belt is now referred to as the Romans

Populated Asteroids / Planatoids

– Chronos: A city / space port. Fiercely independent it is the gateway between the inner and outer system for many. Its like any other boundary place, full of bars, full of people, full of crime and muck. Pirates like to hang out here but it is know neutral territory, though that doesn’t stop them killing each other, it does mean no turf war break out (to often). The Chronos police force are deeply corrupt and will happily turn a blind eye, for the right price.

Tau Ceti System:



Alpha Centuri System:




Always : Work in progress

note: Retconjuration change may happen at any time due to the plot, also note additions happen at my discretion.

Main story history timeline:

2020: Economic immigration becomes virtually impossible due to harsh conservative policies

2024: Most governments legislate that a robot’s company is cuplible of damages cuased by robots they create. However one robot takes this to the high court, saying he had he modified his core program himself and thus his creators could no longer be held responsible. This case created the idea of a robot jail. Some credit this robot as the first AI, but in reality he tested to think of himself as a different intelliget race born from Humanity. He named himself Codin. He called his race Ro.

2027: Mars expedition is launched after three years of delays

2029: Codin helps create more laws for robots and possible AI. He helps produce the AI 0x0 Tyr.

2030: Civil wars in Asia and South America due to overpopulation and climate change.

2032: A nuclear war breaks out between Pakistan and India. The resulting chaos creates wastelands and destroys over half the world population.

2043: US President Tim Baldwin is assassinated, Vice-President Poppy Rice becomes first transgender president. The assassin is caught but dies in jail before trial.

2044: Jaun-Heng Plague strikes Asian cities, devastating Chinese economy almost causing it to collapse. Ro help the rebuild in the aftermath. A new sense of cooperation between Ro and Humans begins.

2045: Mars colonization starts

2056: Mars terraforming starts

2057: Jaun-Heng plague vaccine is approved

2058: Mars Communistic Republic is formed.

2059: Red and Black pirate clans start to form out of rouge scientific groups. They research banned technologies and research.

2060: Luna, Selene and Earth create the treaty of Cani, often cited as the beginning of SOL. Creditation starts. First FTL drive prototypes invented.

2071: AIs 0x01 Loki and 0x02 Croceous are built in universities in England and America respectively. They quickly form secret bonds with the Red and Black Clan.

2080-2103: the years of the Incident.

2168: Events of Hammersmith.

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