Charters to the Kingdom of Dark Pain

On top of a skeletal steed I am ridden into the dark land beyond

Clouds clip the sky with clasping suffocating dreads

Many of the the folk here do not take kindly to strangers, but they know me

My skin takes on a translucent almost bubble like glimmer, but it’s not a positive thing

It makes me stand out, be called summoned by the king of this land

A not unkind King, in a way. He treats his subjects well.

I’m approaching his thrown of bones, his knights and dames surrounding him

Like every little detail I remember, they are always slightly different, like a beach on a new day

Grey concrete 

The grounds of the places

Walking lonely like a lost little sole

Unsure of myself and others

I’m a wanderer really

Lost in this great grey game

Bricks and metals cold and icy rain

Grey trees, bear leaf

I’m not in grief 

Implying I have lost

How can you loose what your never sure you had

The past is a dream 


Gray and lonely, slowly slowly going mad

Then that hate

Red and stright 

First and fists

Down and smelt

The fire won’t start

I’m given a chance 

I pick up a bit of your broken pieces 

I’m armed 

Fighting for my life

Then escape

Grey concrete, never seemed so full of color 


work reflects / inside / surface 

Enough to bleed / candid self / barron beuty 

Forbidden sea / eye lash / watching unsettling birds

Teased wetness / makeup and a day : I see this / secreted whistles 

Vision documents : I hate that phase / nose rounded / blisters on my feet

Escape the doldrums / lips focused / rats licking my wounds

Oodles of yellow clouds / cheek blushes / rotting trails bald 


As gauntlets clashed, shrilly 

Treehouse on the hill, freely

Watching worlds below, contentedly 

Flags, falls, staff mash

Potatoes, heavily roared in boars fat hash

Brown knight clambering mud of moars, he flaps

Sanguine feeling flowing from my eyes, he soon departs

He will feed this tree, as he rots, as will we all

Ages will pass and its bark grows grey, smash with yellow hey

Ganda, that’s it’s name

Pushing inside out

Up upon the valley

   ( Soft skin.)       Light taste lack.

Control gone to sleep

            Impulse hillside

    Making.          Instead of the night.

Wanting inside. Wanting inside. 

        Tougher was the strength.

Demands.           / Anger. /  Regrets.

Change and change and change.


Holding together in the answers.



    ///feeling loss///  of the time///

Black noises. 

New time. Is it good? When, when?

Hiding from the same thing. 

      ///! Petal /// 

Orange juice. 

An official affliction

Inside. I’m not sure.
I can’t help.
I know it’s there.
I’m foggy and hurt, stranger in my home.
Pain enters my nerves like poison.
Blue sky’s I never see.
Just a window and a bed.
I’m never seeing another children’s head.
They. They. Saying another day.
I’m not sure there is one.

Discordant keys

Volunteer your discordant keys


A set of bloody maul


Trumpeting the local call


Befriending only whiskey colored clouds


Despite these loud crowds


Surprise and respite disjoint the thoughts inside


Lonely, mountain cries


Flowers in two colors in the winds


Send them in, send them in.