Art and Commissions

Commissions are: Open.

Terms and conditions:

Please note, I will do some unpaid commissions, these are a friends of the artist thing only. Please do not ask for a commission for exposure. You will be ignored, possibly blocked.


Commissions: all in $AUD

Not including postage of original art.


$.50 per word (min 10 words)

Watercolor (Animals, Humans, Objects):

A6: $15-30               A4: $30-80                       A3: $80-130

Abstract / Surreal:

A6: $20-40             A4: $40-100                      A3: $100-150

Bigger by negotiation.

Digital as a print from Redbubble or Devaintart (link below):

price as per watercolor, unless negotiated otherwise


  1. Rebubble Store
  1. My deviantart.
  2. Art on this blog
  3. Facebook Fan Page


  1. Rebubble Store
  2. My deviantart.
  3. Art on this blog
  4. Facebook Fan Page

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