This is Anne Rowlands poetry, writing and art blog. It’s almost always fictional and possibly weird. I hope you enjoy reading and viewing. I am a librarian and researcher by day, artist and creator by night, none of my library/archiving/research related stuff will generally appear on this blog.

I’m a Transgender woman. I do poetry, short stories, art of fantasy, abstract and comics in digital, pen and ink, and watercolors. My string of poems that all often seem to relate different characters that sit in my unconscious, the tags and categories are used to try and sort this out for you. Sometimes characters don’t appear for long periods, other times they are pretty much at the helm of the poetry engine. I occasionally write music and songs, one of which has actually made it into staff notation, its not my main talent but its yet another way my creativity tries to escape from the enigma of my mind into the garden of creation.

Yes that is where the name of the blog comes from.

This blog features:
Art, Poems, short stories and some fictional story continuity, occasional non-fiction essays and reviews. If you are looking for my dreamwork stuff from my other now decommissioned dreamwork blog there is a link to the main menu.

My art series Animals as Elements art series which has completed. My next project is The Seven Moons Oracle.

All content here is copyright © from the date of the post unless otherwise stated.

I am an Australian. I live in Canberra.

You can follow me on my facebook page, Facebook Fan Page, on Twitter: @AnneArtEnigma and on instragram

You can email me at annewrowlands@gmail.com

You can find out more on my commission’s page on the main menu. Please check if my commissions are open before asking to avoid disappointment.

Some stuff can also be bought in my Redbubble shop

1. I am-a APS employee, no views of mine expressed by me or in my writing reflect the views of my employer or the Australian government.

2. Fiction: All characters and events depicted in this blog are fictitious and any similarities between then and any reality you encounter are coincidental or because they made a damn good plot.

3. Nonfiction: Work appears on an “as is” basis. Some may appear in better forms later in a magazine or book.

4. Sales by commission only or from the Redbubble store.

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