Animals as elements: 89-90 Actinium Trypanosoma brucei, Thorium Maned Wolf

Actinium is the first of the Actinides, a series of 15 similar elements that share similarities. Some are only available when man-made, others occur in nature in stable or semi-stable states. Actinium itself is very radioactive and doesn’t really have much use. It’s matched with Trypanosoma brucei which is one of the parasites that plague humans and other creatures from the Tsetse fly.

Thorium is a slightly radioactive rare earth actinide which most common isotope has a half life close to the age of the universe itself (so pretty much stable). It’s named for Thor the Norse God of thunder, and is used in crucibles, arc lamps, catalytic conversation of ammonia.

Manned Wolf is not a fox nor a wolf. It is in fact it’s own special species of candid. They lack the split eyes of foxes and the double coat of a wolf. They live in South American grasslands and jungles and hunt alone. They use scent markings heavily and are sometimes referred to as a Skunk wolf. Like Thorium they are strange and familiar at the same time.

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