Animas as elements: 83-84 Bismuth Humpbank Anglerfish, Polonium Stork

Bismuth is a soft post-transition metal that is famous for its hues of Rainbow like crystals. It’s also the first element that isn’t completely stable even in its ground state, though its half-life is so large as to be greater than three times the age of the universe. It’s used in cosmetics, solder, plating and alloys and ammunition. It used to be used like iodine, until it was found to be mildly toxic. It is still sometimes used in disinfectants but at a much-reduced dosage.

The humpback anglerfish is a fish that hints using its natural luminescent light. Like almost all anglerfish it is an ambush carnivore. It’s tied to bismuth as they both use light to distract from their potential dangers.

Polonium is famous for its toxic radioactive states. It has no stable elemental form and has been used as a assassination weapon. It may have also contributed to Marrie Curie’s death. She discovered and named the element after her homeland of Poland, then occupied by the Russians. It was the first (but not the last) time that an element was named as a political statement.

Storks are long-legged wading birds. They share a long mythology that includes birth and death and have been depicted as both bringing of babies and as bringing death (though this much less so). Storks are third to Polonium as there are many Storks that call Poland one of their homes (as they are migratory birds). They were thought to be close to completely monogamous, but this has lately been shown to be untrue, though it’s helped in the rise if their mythology throughout the western world.

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