Owls erecting

Listen to the whole hootI don’t care who you moot

It’s the owls erection
Parlimentry moods

Feathers and a fuel

Found your stool?
Blackberries leaking literally 

A hooted obituary 

Rights to the valedictory owl


The way of the stone

I became
stone inlaid
concrete part
of building us up

but I ask
for my half
my spirit is trapped inside

we are separated
by stone thats fake
by something that has no face

although created by
our hands
the way of the stone
was the way of a man

Ignored the teasing
ignored the hurt
build up the shield upon the hearth
protect all that is true
the way of the stone
is the way for you

I silence
born in fire
icy pinnacles
forest monster


Start but don’t
realize whats not
a gaze of a basilisk
medusas assumes
and you are immune
to her fast gaze

store inside you
all around you
the heavy rain that falls

those who walk on you
creep besides you
examine inside your hart

we are separated
by stone thats fake
by something that has no faith

berried beneath me
are those of ages past
and I will outlast
all your enemies and all your friends
as I am stone
and who may never end

I am beneath
A great tree
and on me it is written

nothing that can makes sense to you
nothing that you understand
nothing that has a means or ends
nothing that speaks of wisdom

the only
that you
can see
are those of those
who came after me
perhaps they are
writing on my surface
I store forever
mysteries of knowledge
but only I know truth

and that is enough to make
you realize that you cannot contain
the power that comes from
the way of the stone

A stone
dreams forever
lost like a feather
fallen on the ground
marked on me from
ages past
and you dig me up
and find me

bring me to light
so that you can take a closer look
at what I have preserved
notice how its not at all
like anything else
you ever observed

natures call is natures beckon
the stone realizes that she
is not going to bring us reckon
she is the life
that makes it worth while
being a stone on a slippery isle

see a glance

a glacier comes across me
tears me a part
the wind erodes me
moss corrodes me
the monkeys use me as a tool
and even make more of me

if you think
that I am divine
you are sadly wrong
only a part
of a longer path
does a stones way know

my body is a mystery to all
and worth exploring
but as all have seen
and all may find that
I am only that thing
we can’t decide
the unknown knows and at last
you will discover that the way of the stone
is a part of everyones path

Pop up monkey vs Phoenix 

A pop up monkey with brass knuckles She lulled the Phoenix that was armed with a metal bar

It made a ping as the warrior Monkey hit it 

Phoenix knew their was no use crying and turned to their martial art known as the Sketch Method

Monkey tussled up her Navy training to support her revolutionary ways 

Phenonix was raised by wolves and Amanda Palmer and knew how to reef the knots of hits that came its way

Monkey ripped her dirty rotten imbeciles shirt and lit it with Phenoxis own flames she transit with a pong and muttered the magic words “West Pac”

The spell made the flame burst green bricks and brass rubber bands that flew into the air with speed 

They hit Phoenix with a mighty cockbeltch leasing it to swear on mighty Astro zombies and re supply its presentables 

Monkey made a mental note to mention this battle to her friend the Elk next time she visited the factory and prepared for the Phenoxis retailing blow

The Phenoxi knew it was beaten and flew up into a mighty flame that spelled the letters N S and K

Monkey was pleased at its victory and looked to see what prize she would be able to put into her locker 

It was just a Kingswood kid? 

“Oh Super Ralen? I’m going to have to get the cash for this one. I was hoping for a Lyre of Byrdland. Such is life.”

She picked it up, and took off to find a good burns ward.