Surfing Fonts

A song dedicated to all those whom surf this sea of fonts.

Aldus font for me, out in the C

lexicon of typeface flowing at me
Bold as you like, italic if you wanna fight 

Rolling on the sans, serif of the waves tonight
Choosing Caledonian waves, I’m giving into my inner Nick Cave

Swift Rockwell nights, ill watch out as Gloucester bites

Hei tonight, can we get Down in the Times, Palatino on my mind 

Kind words are Atlantic, can’t help if I’m pedantic
Go into the Futura on Renault that’s bluer

We move her Webdings on the rail to Madrid, New Gothic on my Set makes a bid the Characters met – 

an Ashley who writes a Script for my Dejavu Bookman in Utopia dancing to Primer tunes 

Saboon lagoon we wade in Unbuntu 

Dotum planning through American Scribes Industria

Charcoal can’t give you a Clearview to the typeface, I adhere to 

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