Black letter day

In my infamy 

I neglected my corespondence

I’m not sure if that makes me a bad person 

I’m replying to you, oh black one, for your letter doth take a certain amount of vile. 

I’m not sure, of the trials you have been through. Know that as a wizard I do now only see things as I can get to them. 

Though your quest, and questions are likely to be arduous. I’m sure if you, Vincent, are clear of your intentions. The best may come. Hear are the answers I found. I hope if you find them in good stead:

Fine comes arfter a whole 

White rocks on the seaside

Every unicorn is a blue whale

Chicken feet hurt, as much the Hawks 

Foxes dig, hide their tresures

A smile is worth only your hope

Justice eats her own heart

A katabisis does not need to go downwards

Hate is my favorite song 

Warm bodies were recovered in the fourth forest

Letters sent by air, are not going anywhere 

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