Incorrect file format blues

I put my attachment in, wait to send it

Then I get a message, that I shouldn’t temp fate

‘Cause it all goes wrong, it won’t send its too long

I try to zip it, but that’s not going trick it

It still says you shall not pass

Oh I’m singing the file format Blues

Format not supported or size to big

I’m going to have a fit!

Oh I’m signing the file format Blues

I once tried to send by FTP, but it wasn’t going to let me

Just hit one of those firewalls,

shouldn’t have been such a chore

Made it onto a CD, then when I get to the other machine

It chews it up, crashing like a Sinclair!


I thought I found my savior in a PDF,

I tried my luck to no success

It came up telling me it wasn’t a suppored file

I converted it back to doc, I’ve then written over my file with characters that look like tire tread!

– chorus

It’s just going to have to be printed out

Shorly that won’t take to much of a test

Out of toner!

Give me a rest!

I singing, I’m signing the file format blues.

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