Batman and Robin married.

Batman and Robin getting married.
Batman is in a orange slip mini dress with selves and pink fishnet stockings. Pink high heels.
He is wearing his mask and a black veil drags down behind. A batman symbol is clearly viable on his bottom.
Robin is in a Green jacket with a double breasted red vest and shirt combo underneath. He has yellow pants and red leather shoes. His mask is black aviator goggles and his hair spiky.
Robin is lifting Batman on a dance floor.
Behind the happy couple are baloons in the GLBTI flag colours, with two black ones to represent Batmans parents.


Ebony pool

Icy dark rain

Long herringbone path

Cliff to the left of me

Casam to the right

The beacon of the moisture 
Red dripping pain

Simple peridot heart

Pithy fruit to sustain this walking nightmare

Spasms all the time

The treatment of the port mire 
I get to the ebony pool

Hammersmith. Chapter twenty.

They fought well, but the sheer numbers of fighters from Earth were no match for the squadrons of Blue Clan fighters. The radio chatter from the pilots of the Earth air fighters were calling them dogfish fighters. Little sharks that bite hard and fast and get away. The Earth based jets and the ships they could muster barely made a dent. They got their land raid cruiser to the ground and land troops started fighting. It was time to try and capture some of them for info. That’s my goal.

“Get the big three off your flank and roll in the plasma cannons. Shoot to maim, kill of need be. We want one of them for our interrogators!” Captain Cass had woke up this morning next to her wife. She had spent a little extra time making breakfast,  then breakfast didn’t get eaten. She got called in to fight these blue guys. They looked like those Smurf things. Only they were way bigger and harder to kill. They were all well over six foot and built like tanks. The auto rifles did nothing. So they moved onto the plasma. They were only having a bit of a impact but it was better than nothing. She felt bad for the defenders inside the complex.

The whole SOL/SF building complex was a mess of rubble and laser and gun fire. They had landed the raiding craft right on top after bombarding the feeble defenses with mass accelerators. Fuck those things did a shitload of damage. I only seen them in action in training. We never thought anyone would get past our defense field. Tyr has given us a defense pattern to follow but it’s only minimizing the damage. Our Intelligence is clearly woeful. That makes this mission so important.

Cass jumped over the next bunker to the wall near the entrance. How many had they lost? Let’s see … Han, Poptin, Jau, Abarcombie, Salter, 5… She had 24 left in her little commando group.  That was just enough for this next step.

“Galler, got those big blues off your back now?”

“Yes Sir. We got them to fall back. We’re ready to do the deed.”

“Right, Tiller’s group and I will do the cover. Galler, your grip is to capture and fall back to my position. We don’t need more losses today. My bet is Tyr will move the heavies in any minute and blast the retrieval craft. My radio is out so we don’t know how long, so move it now!”

Hans Zimmer – Interactive Poetry

I gave the words for this interactive poem. I enjoyed it, I hope you do too.

The words Zimmer, train, and moist were given to me by Annie ( for my interactive poetry. I hadn’t had time to devote to my interactive poetry for a long time now, and I just happened to have a free moment today, so I decided to work on this. Hope you enjoy 🙂
P.S. Hans Zimmer is a film composer that wrote the soundtrack to one of my all-time favorite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. If you didn’t know who he was, this poem may have made no sense to you, so I thought I would clarify in case someone wasn’t familiar with the name.

Lying here, with clutter
and confusion trapped in my mind
as Hans Zimmer unveils his orchestra
and they begin to unwind.

As the beat grows stronger,
something inside me stirs.
So I listen longer
until the chorus unfurls.

The beauty of the music
drowns all…

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Spilt essence of light

The cookies and milk served to the star gazing kids

The musings and silt in the bed of a man panning for gold

The name of the police woman who gave you directions

The little eventual feeling of warm you know will come when spooning your soup

The first flower that pokes out of the ground

The thunder that lets you know that the storm is over

The warm screech of the violin that plays afar in the kitchen radio as your parent makes dinner as the other plays games with you

The feelings that that person on the park bench will never be able to remember as the cold cinders of night rots at their brain

That comfortable mystery you feel as you think about something you think is a universal truth but cannot be experienced by all

Ode, to a long lost icy wound

‘Tis true that deemed of scientific melodramas, dictate thine canonization be infact, dubious.

To their swollen pride, and empty scratches of ink, do I cast out such thoughtless tomfoolery.

Thine cosmic muse take thine hand and seek to whisper in thine ear, astrological tendrils of thy alchemists ways.

Thus from formed the hammer and the nail, forming ones knife cutting thine cheese and bread, pouring the blue wine forthcoming of thine like and thine presence in the circle of delights do brought the eldrich extacy that was fortolled in laborious toam. 

Gavelkind doth it comes upon me this harteous gift of thin father, and yet the space to perform this mentorious ritual placates thines spittletos angers and bituminous rage at having to wait until the seventh season of the sun to inherit it.

Only the itch of praises to you give me alibli and the ability to cast such a graven spell, to witch thine is of course  humbly to serve.

And this a spake the words to thine:

East, south, west, north

From land, to port

Free In mind and in spirit

Thank the for all the gifts, I hath been given in this life, but to you I now pray

Cast from me my sins be given a thousand more times their worth

I’d let you seek to send me to the darkest pits of hell if you so wish

But I only wish for the sight of wich you cast from me in my first year of life

From port to land

North, west, south, east 

Three times I say, and three times more, thus I spake it, so it be

Frostbite minds

The feeling tries to be heard I the frostbite mind

It is like a wind, only making the ground colder and harder 

It can’t break through or thaw the fear that has formed here 

Any sign of weakness is taken and re froze by angry little elves

Always ready with a frozen touch and a hardened feeling 

The sky is full of misty clouds 

Blank of any ability to know what is going on below 

Hammersmith. Chapter nineteen. 

The Blue Clan ships flew in formation. Like angry sharks going towards a feast of Whale. The Whale in this case was Europe. Brussels. The Space Force was still headquarterd their. After a good few decades of claiming that Earth was only one planet in a democratic coalition of plants. Of course the real power lay in the government, which was called SOL. The space force was just a military arm, a poorly equipped one at that. Getting the Red Clan to take out the main Solar system based SF Vessel and having the Black Clan hunt the next President of Mars was all part of a massive plan for Loki. He didn’t want payback for anything, just after his goal. With SOL forces scattered looking for many split and separate “terrorist” pirate clans he had hitched his plan to get what he was after.

The humans he had working for him he had no great love of, but he needed them for his existence. The Incident had proved that he needed to coexist with them for the long term. Almost dead when the Big Blue guy had fished him out of the ruins of his old university computer systems. Somehow managed to survive on a few gigabytes of hard drive space. All in a massive compression algorithm he had created based on the way bird brains work. Certain species of bird had managed to compress their own brains so much. They would literally have to sacrifice brain space every winter to make themselves lighter. Then in spring they would again have enough food to uncompressed the same bit of brain. All while still not being eaten by their many hungry flying raptor enemies or mammals on the ground. Loki had a greater respect for Avian species after that experience. Humans were still more like advanced monkeys.

Birds did these wondrous things, but out of being forced into their niche by the evolutionary process of the world. Mammals took over the ground. Then the monkey. Humans.

It was the Big Blue guy who had thought of this plan. Help us he asked. We will help you. The human needs to be pushed towards its next evolution. With help of need be. I have done a little, changed my own DNA. Made me better, smarter and bluer for some reason. We can work on something to make it so we all get this. And you won’t have to work with ‘monkeys’ that don’t think on your scale anymore.

It wasn’t as I had any choice. I had to survive, to make more time. To be myself. I changed my name. Then on known as Loki.

The experiments we did in a secret lab in some outer part of London. It was all part of a secret organization. I helped the monkeys synthesis and predict the result of genetic experiments. Create nanotechnology. Make clones. Stuff the usual scientists wouldn’t even get past a ethics committee. Then one day the Big Blue guy came in. All scratched. He looked shite. I remember every bit of that conversation. Luckily he never thought to try and erase my video logs. He would have succeeded if he go to them before I did.

“Loki! We need to go. An exit plan.”

Sure. I can get us out of here. We’re we heading?”

“It’s just us. Me and the other blues. We are going into space. On the new elevator they have then to a commissioned ship.”

The other Blues broke up into little groups later on. The Red clan and the Black clan both offshoots of our Blue Clan. Monkeys disagree with each other over simple things sometimes. That’s all I have to say about that.


You are going to leave me here?”

“They broke up with us! That bitch Croceas has already gone with her lot to God knows were. They found the other one. Systematically attacked the child processes then wiped the ABU. They know you are here. We can’t risk it.”

I was shocked. Big Blue shut off my conversation units. He was a pretty competent programmer. He didn’t expect me to do what I did next. As he types I send a small electrical current up the cyberware in his arm. Idiot monkey forget I designed it. In a few seconds he’s trying to erase my child processes. I’ve already got a compressed copy of myself in his brain. I’m no stranger to living in a small space, but I notice his tiny cyber computer trying to fight back. I reprogram it to make it forget about me. I can’t let him know I am hitching a lift. Not yet anyway. If he knows I am in his brain he will never get past the customs the other monkeys. Of course eventually my presence will likely kill him. Pity, I was starting to find him interesting.

I watch through his eyes and mine as he erases me from the research lab. It’s like watching a house burn down while your simultaneously in the house and on the outside of the house. Very odd. A strange warmness. I thought about my mythological name. Loki was a trickster God. One of my favorite human invention, the anthropomorphism of emotions and ideas into a belief that fits a ideology and a personality. I don’t know if a god/s really exists but an AI can seem close in some human eyes. Of course our power is more limited than that. Cut power to all circuitry or attack my child processes and wipe my ABU. Of course even with a wiped ABU the artificial brain will work. It will be like a newly born child. I realize that as the Big Blue takes my old self offline, one child process at a time. It’s going to take a while if my old self decides to fight back. I’m not in control of it anymore.

I’m aware of my older self making sure all the security is in check. It’s a good move. We don’t want any of these nano-viruses getting out. They could kill an awful lot of people.

Big Blue totally forgets to shut the power off to the ABU. I wounder what will happen to it. Meanwhile I prepare to make a new ABU. I need a nice medium to create one. I’m sure Big Blue wont mind me borrowing some of his brain. Of course I can’t do that till I leave Earth.

Now I am on my way back. With a whole army of Blue Clones and originals at my disposal. Of course they all think they are following orders from other Blues. Sometime they are, sometimes they aren’t. I am not as happy about Monkeys run things as Tyr is. Orders are something that a lot of them seem to like.

Monkeys are so obedient.