Hammersmith. Chapter Fifteen

Stealing was only a part of a pirates life. As looting chief Bower knew too well. He kept making plans for new raids on the other pirate outposts or on the SF forces in the inner systems of Sol and Tau only to have the same problem. He started to plan the next raid when his second in command came running in.

“Bower! They did it!”
His second in command was drenched in sweat. She looked like she had just run from Marathon to Athens on a scorching summer day. Though all of Greeces days had been scorching in his memory.

She wore the blue slacks and had, like all of them, blue hair and blue /green skin. She caught her breath and then he asked.
“Gemini, what are you on about and why didn’t you just use the intercom?”

She looked at him with her red eyes and said “Intetcoms out, Bower. We are at FTL. They got it working!”

“Oh. Is that all?” Bower didn’t feel impressed. It wasn’t that good news. The FTL drive had only been out three days.

“Bower! They have got it to go faster than any other FTL. We can finally outdo those SFs or the Reds, or even the Blacks! It’s faster than even a Wolf fighter!”

Bower considered this. Ok maybe this was worth running for.

What. I’m busy. It’s not easy going faster than light you know. By the time you see something you have already passed it.

“Loki. I want you to recompute my planned raid on Sol, taking our new capacity into the factor.”

already done monkey.

A new holodisplay became visible on the main table near Bower and Gemini.
Bowers large figure and blue form overshadowed it. “Impressive work. Thankyou Loki.”

Gemini took a step forward. “This has my fighters all raiding the European SOL complex.”

“Yes. We have to get a something from the central command. That means sending our Eagles in as a distraction to the ground troops. I assume your up to the job?”

“I will start the drills immediately” Gemini saluted her superior and ran out.

On her way she wondered what is was they were after. Neither Bower or Loki had said.


And the phone was ringing.

Sanguine colored flesh. Hanging from a line. Drying ready jerky, for a hard frosty winter.

But the phone was ringing.

Streets full of weeds and cracks. The dust of ages past. Set puddles of rain full of mosquito larvae and even the frogs are coming back. The kingfishers hunt them.

And the phone rang.

And rang.

It just took that long.

Sapling remember what a phone was. It suddenly occurred to them, one afternoon as they were storing the jerky in large earthen jars.

They picked the phone up.

“Is this my feast?”

Sapling was taken aback by this. They then heard the phone hang up. They put the phone back and started back with the Jerky.

Sapling wasn’t sure but that voice had sounded familiar. Why? And why ask about a feast? Who knows. Maybe the phone will ring and say. Maybe it won’t. Life goes on in this abandoned city. Like so many others.

Just left by these Humans. Whatever they were. They just populated the cities they wanted to populate. Then the ones they didn’t want had been either destroyed (carefully) or left. Left like an abandoned toy.

Liked the one Enber carries. A soft thing. Looks like a little baby thingy. Animal. With curly ears.

Sapling continued to work and think. The phone didn’t ring for another four days.

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