Hammersmith. Chapter thirteen.

It’s clear my research on the Incident is flawed. I’m reading this book, the Hammersmith clan. It’s not a pirate clan at all. It was a university group. The Hammersmith Clan was its name. The founders in Hammersmith, London. It’s was a international consortium of underground research. Stuff that the governments back then banned. Some of it is stuff even the fairly liberal Sol government would not look lightly on.
Researchers did things on clones, nanotechnology, cyber technology, epiramental new limitless AI, stem cells, anything that was banned or the research journals wouldn’t publish. They even published their own little journal they called The cannon.
So what went wrong?
It seems they split up. Some called themselves The Reds. The opposing group was called The Blues. They all decided to leave earth. Figuring the researchers who had been caught were Martyrs.
8 ships. 6 groups.
They managed to make a home for themselves. But some stayed behind.
Some of the ones into nanotechnology and AI.
They caused the incident.
It wasn’t one thing.
I knew it.
The AIs they had. Three of them.
One escaped before the other two started using humans as pawns. Then these two AIs. They got found out. We had a war with them. But they were so good at hiding themselves. Who knows, they could be alive still.
Of course I can’t publish this stuff. I would be laughed out of the SOL history academy. The AIs we have now are working with humanity. We proved our worth and they theirs and they got laws to protect themselves, but also we got laws to protect ourselves. The idea that AI would be so dangerous is now is often thought of as laughable. All those born now are used to them.
Who doesn’t have fond memories of Lisa? The children AI.
Or Verne, the Science AI who helped us get to Tau Ceti and rebuild Tyr. He’s dead now though. Sydney the one who stays silent. And 
Tyr. The defense AI. Fighting with us against the so called Pirates and stopping them from taking all the precious minerals is the Sol system. Helping us import materials from our colonies in the system and now from Tau and the newer colonies in the rest of Ceti, Centauri, Erdani and Cygnus.

If I am going to prove this I need real evidence. I need to go into space. Find the Pirates. Figure out if these old AIs are still alive and somehow get all this evidence to someone who can believe me.

Bela stopped dictating. She saved her work behind a secure firewall. She would send Mario the password if she got her evidence. If she died or didn’t get to send her computer the little code after 30 days the info would auto-send to Lisa, Tyr and Mario and post public all over the holonet. They could take it down, but the chances someone saw it is huge.
Maybe no one would believe it.
Maybe they would.

“Now to go home.” She said to herself.
Bela picked up her things and left a note to Mario.
“I suppose I have to let my babies go now.”
Tears filled her eyes.

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