Hammersmith chapter 7. (Egy, Crow)

Panel 0: Red Clan Base, Jupiter Asteroid Belt
Panel 1: Red Clan Case, Jupiter Asteroid Belt
Panel 2:
Egy: (off panel) Crow, Wait!
Crow: (annoyed, carrying a book and hot drink) WHAT
Panel 3:
Egy: The Captain *ahem* (nervous)
The captain sent me?
Crow: For what reason? Or just to annoy me?
Egy: Initiation?
Crow: Oh. You have been with us that long now? Well then. I have the book.
Panel 4:
Egy: The book? The captain didn’t mention any reading…. wheres the catch, I suppose.
Crow: Shhh. This is the history of the clans. You know their are 6 pirate clans? Well this book tells you the history of the all.
Panel 5:
Crow (off panel): It also contains what you will have to endure for the initiation ceremony
Panel 6:
Symbols of the clans: Left to right, top to bottom: Red Clan, Black Clan, Magus Clan, Blue Clan, Tooth Clan, Éon clan.
Panel 7:
Crow (off panel): The 7th Clan is a special thing a bit of a mystery. So its part of the ceremony and ritual.

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