Middle of avenue

Trees planted. Cars either side. No real visitors.
They drive past and do not notice.
A small house.

It’s up one of the trees. Well camouflaged. Only a few have seem it.

I spotted it the other day.
I did not know if I should say, tell, cast a spell. I think how they who live in this house get the water they need? From a fountain, or maybe the rain? Or a well? No one is likely to tell.

Cars go past, every day I cannot help but see. The little house is still up that tree.

In a day of windy leaves and stormy weather I think at my desk at work. Is the house ok? Will I even be able to see it in this rain?

I rush to the bus stop I always wait at. I hope that I can see it. But the tree has fallen! I am aghast with a calling. I fox my way through the crowd, searching aground for a single sign of the house I found. But no avail, the house has gone. My spirit as well.

Every day from then on. I could not help but think of what went on.

One day in the summer I heard a little noise. I looked up at a different tree. In it, a little house. Just like it was before. My spirit soared. Ignoring the traffic, I went and visited it. I am still there if you want to come. It’s quite cozy, and lots of fun.



A soup of memories
Field of feelings
Heated at sunset
Storm rained on the unkempt ground
Up the side of the hill
And is why the grain spoiled

We go hungry this year
Eat spoiled grain
Dream of monsters
Blame young girls as witches
Burn them

Flowers didn’t bloom either
Must take our lords name in vain
Is he our lord anymore?
We don’t wonder if it’s all in our heads
Constructed by our fear

On top of the hill a lone women stands
She looks in our minds
And never do we find joy again

Tea in the garden

There are grandchildren playing with a dog whose not quite old enough to know when to stop. The moist air stinks of late spring and a few clouds suggest a promise of rain. The bottlebrush is in full bloom and bees are busy with helping themselves to nectar. On a small bench sits a women in her late eighties in a light blue dress. She sips tea.