Dreams and yet not

It is quick and easy to say that the DarkNet is a awesomely powerful and odd Internet that exists in space. In reality it exists in everyone. Dreams where discovered to hold the key to a massive untapped resource for mankind in the early years of the solar expansion. As Kelso Kingsley first stepped onto the moon and uttered her first words some where able to do it with her from the safety of a sort of virtual reality that made everything else obsolete. Of course you needed a small implant and a few training session in dream/DarkNet training, but in no time at all the reality of the dreaming world could be accessed and used as a vast tool for everything. A revolution began.
In no short time however had artificial intelligent computers began getting access and suddenly accessing people’s dreams that the idea of brain passwords, brain spam, brain security and so been invented and reinvented. Soon it was exactly like the Internet. Most people where happy to just use a terminal and never get the chip. A few, though like Sam could access without a operation. They called them NaturalNeters in the medical texts but Dark Caster was catchier. They where however rare, odd, and often feared as they instantly where superiors in ability and access to knowledge than others. This let to resentment and eventually treatment equivalent to most of those who are different and bizarre.


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