Inside they are

But our speaking has lemon taste

Thinking purple thoughts

Tarts on a smorgasbord of emotions

Split down a fine line

Interchange and find both

The path is not clear but is not distant

It’s a funny feeling but it’s not poison. So it is eaten.
The food tastes bitter. Hunger makes it like the brightest star on night of dark shadows and stormy secrets.
The path goes towards a forest.

It is forbidden. None can enter unless they are of a different flavour cake. The choice just a few minutes has consequences.

Purple thoughts rose into red dark eyes and splits the soul in twain.

One goes back and eats the other flavor. It’s silken milky drops from the eyes of a new born foal, it’s juniper ripe on a Sunday after the last summer rain, it’s strawberries slowly melting in a early autumn snow.

Then the split one travels the forest. It’s path is still unclear, but in its pocket is a treasure. A secret box containing the other.


Sams diary: Douglas day one, part one

Today was a purple dress day. I love purple. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s something from Earth. Maybe it’s from when I was on Mars at some point, but I remember most of that. I was 5 when Dad and I moved to Mars. It’s another day I wore purple. I like to keep purple for special things, new things, things that only happen once in a while. Purple is lovely, happy, powerful and above all I like it.

I put some little purple bangles in my long hair and even my purple wrist computer. I don’t seem to need it anymore since I started to get these Darkcaster powers, but I don’t want what happened on Mars to happen here. I didn’t know I was doing it back then, now I do and know how to stop it if I want to. I decided that today I would go put my feet forward and explore. So I did.

It wasn’t long before I found a park. It’s pretty easy to find one because everything is signed here. Not like Mars at all. I let myself wounder the garden. Feel the breeze in my dress. Watch the flowers get pollinated by real bees!
Not Mars bees, but real ones! I almost got stung! I was so shocked.
Later on,
I threw myself on the ground and looked at the blue sky. Douglas has of course no real sky. The sky is a roof made of LEDs that can project any image. In an Emergancy it will display information, as long as there is power of course. Generally it’s sky, clouds, stars. All from Earth. The sky is from near Islington, or so the local network told me when I thought about the question.
That’s getting a little annoying, actually. I would think something in the past and look it up. Now it just appears in my head like magic. I can’t get everything though. Some things need pass codes, genetic locks, or even really difficult formulas with DNA codes and Jobs equations in them.

Dreams and yet not

It is quick and easy to say that the DarkNet is a awesomely powerful and odd Internet that exists in space. In reality it exists in everyone. Dreams where discovered to hold the key to a massive untapped resource for mankind in the early years of the solar expansion. As Kelso Kingsley first stepped onto the moon and uttered her first words some where able to do it with her from the safety of a sort of virtual reality that made everything else obsolete. Of course you needed a small implant and a few training session in dream/DarkNet training, but in no time at all the reality of the dreaming world could be accessed and used as a vast tool for everything. A revolution began.
In no short time however had artificial intelligent computers began getting access and suddenly accessing people’s dreams that the idea of brain passwords, brain spam, brain security and so been invented and reinvented. Soon it was exactly like the Internet. Most people where happy to just use a terminal and never get the chip. A few, though like Sam could access without a operation. They called them NaturalNeters in the medical texts but Dark Caster was catchier. They where however rare, odd, and often feared as they instantly where superiors in ability and access to knowledge than others. This let to resentment and eventually treatment equivalent to most of those who are different and bizarre.