Poet under the sub

1. Tricksters

Flowers smell nice
Tigers have stripes
Fruit tastes right
We eat
Meat and rice

Meal always ends

2. Trees

Leaf, root and branch
Takes no side
Seeds grow up
But meat the sun, wind, rain and come from the soil
A tree is more like man than we want to admit
Even as we take a seat
Folly for those who do not meet
The tree

3, Moon
A rock in the sky
Light it gives
Laughter of lunacy
We dance in step
And sometimes fret
Waking in its ever glow

4. transmutation
A calling

Phone rings
My breakfast is still on the table
Red is today’s color

I journey up
But funds means no heaven
It’s just a memory

I see them cleaning
New people
I can’t talk
Ring the phone

No one can hear me
So lonely

5. roads

Each nut sits on the crossing
The birds still drop them
But will a car ever come again?

6. Feild

Grass lemon tinted on subway wrapper
We talk of new types of engine
She laughs at my nun jokes
I feel the wind in my skirt
Later we are drunk on vodka seven up
Wake next to each other
It’s time for soccer practice
Dad doesn’t say anything
Next week we all have dinner together
Subway and normal Seven up


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