“It was a few years ago, when I was a young business women that I met him. Back in the days they had new airships coming off the production line. The big CL2’s for cargo and the like. Not the fast speedsters they make now. They still make CL’s of corse, but they don’t look as magnificent as they did back then. I’m getting of track now.”
She took a swig of a green liquid in a talk glass and clears her thought.
“ok. The old men on the board explained it to me like this… He’s not just a recluse, he’s a recluse with a broken heart. His Wife died on his birthday, they had been married 3 years since his 16th. On their 16th I should say. She was a great women, Lenore, and they had been sweethearts for years. Anyway he was the son of Barron Von Raven of the Ravensons. A family so old and rich there wasn’t much they hadn’t done. Ravens as it was known then got its money on industry and engines were their specialty. They also had the biggest contract for Airships this side of the Chanel. Of course it was his 18th that changed him. On that day he was simply getting more drink and some parachutes for some gaudy stunt his best friend had concocted. He was after all 18. Boys do those things when young, especially millionaire boys who can count the ways their parents will pay for their hospital bill.
Anyway he had gone to get these things and then boom. Hydrogen had done its work. When he woke up the firefighters had been putting out the flames for hours. He ran up to the wreckage and searched for his wife. His Lenore.
He yelled at the flames and the burnt castle that had been left behind, he yelled at the firemen, he yelled. Searched on his hands and knees. He cried and yelled. He looked for a single but of his wife. None remained. He cried and cried. Then when one of the firefighters told him he had to go hone he looked up at him and then saw it.
Her scarf. Pink and red, blowing on a bush not forty meters away. The firefighter saw him get up, put the scarf on and say “Never more.”
He got to his science division and called all his men in to change every airship to helium and argon, kept the whole fleet grounded for months. Then one day he called all his executives and told them he was changing the company name. Said the whole thing with his wife had made their name like the bringer of death. The papers helped of corse. It would be done on the quiet. He made it so it looked like Lenore inc had bought them out even. The papers lapped it up. Not one of them cottoned onto the fact his wife’s name was Lenore. He changed the logo to, an airship with a pink scarf. He showed thousand of press the new airship with the new skin and filled with helium rather than hydrogen. They were amazed and full production of the CLs began. He got commission to build the German fleet and the Hindenburg and the success of the new fleet was great and then he and his company moved to LA when the Nazis took over. But thats really another story. Lenore inc was a success and the man who created it slowly became the recluse he is today. Only I and his board see him now. How I became CEO? Heh. Another story really.”
“Thankyou it will be in the standard this evening. ”
“I’m sure. Thankyou.”