Upon awakening

Punctured leaves of sound like torn pages of a archaic book swamped the acrid air in the room. Tam knew they came from the machine on her left. Little comfort came from that.
It was some kind of hospital. This knowledge was like a knife in her back. They had kept her here so long now. She could not escape.
Don’t need to tie her down, just make it so she can’t move. Drugs, spinal adjustment, anything needed to keep her from being able to move more than a centimeter or two. Today she could wiggle her neck and see her breasts and toes. They would spot this on the camera, no way this will happen again for weeks, months even. Probably by then what was left of her mussel tone will have gone.
Her toes wouldn’t move for her, but her chest slowly moved up and down.
“Hello Tam”.
The door behind her had opened and shut almost silently and the man had walked through. He was about to tell her how this needed to be done, how she was a danger to herself and others. Always the same lecture, why not just kill me? You have the ability, and clearly the ethical judgement to do so. No one would blame you, I am sure they would be happy not to have the bill fort care. The expense of keeping the last of my kind alive is certain to make a hole in your budget.
“Tam, we let you move your head today so you can speak to me.”
He walked behind Tam with footsteps that would make a statue shiver.
“We have a couple of questions.”
The footsteps stopped. He was besides the life support machine just out of her vision and she knew he would threaten to unplug it. Heh as if that worked anymore.
“You could make this easy.”
He gave her the carrot.
Her voice was dry and old.
“You see the moon inside me, he only finds life in a dark place”
That would make him think.
“Very nice.”
He walked one step so she could see his mask.
It was one of Bill Clinton today.
“The sun rises in the desert and bakes the land, but asks the gecko how she can find the water still.”
Good choice of words. He is learning well. This is the only thing they will let you do, better make the most of it.
“They say that god, in infinite ways, sent out a Angel to each land. Her wings melted when she hit the Earth and she could not return to the crystal city. Now she is one of us.”
He didn’t even pause.
“A cockpit for a pilot is on fire, yet freezes in the storms vast cold.”
Well played. Now for a diversion.
“In the bed of a traitor, they lay. Together they are never one, but a little ash can tell you all about it.”
It seemed like forever that he paced behind her.
“Oh the mask! Bill Clinton, very amusing.” He said eventually.
Tam waited, he would likely now ask his question. She would answer in rhyme or riddle as always.
“You are not the last of your kind, it seems. We have found five others. All have the power, though one is very clever. I think smarter than you, even.”
Tan knew that she might not be the last, but none had yet entered the garden, that meant none had their power yet. She was the only one who knew how to gain it, control it, use it. It had taken them some time to capture and sedate her. The others had to be warned, and she knew how.
Bill Clinton mask had paced seventeen times as she thought.
“you want me to help you catch them?”
Clinton stopped and came close.
“Listen careful. Meeting of moths. Fire in bluebells. Attack of the sloth. Inside the moon. Feeling a tune. They came to swoon, at the very merry tune.”
Clinton nodded and left. It would take him about 30 minutes to work out that she has just said the lyrics to a song by the band The Next Best Thing . Then he would be back in a new mask and the chemicals that made her tell the truth. Hopefully she would be able to warn them all by then.


Fireman cometh

Quiet days were always the worst. Living the life of a firefighter was like that of a worrier his farther had taught him. The extreme battle, the rush of adrenaline and often water and fire. The feelings of just using your instinct and nothing more. It’s like being another person when it’s really good. But when it’s dull?
“Knight to ‘bish 3” Peter the chief of station said as he moved his chess piece into position for their eighty-seventh game this month. “Your move, Will”
“Thats the … ” William calculated “two hundredth time you have opened with that move.”
“Yeah, it will be like the sixteen thousandth time he looses too” Quipped Tom.
William liked Tom despite his apprentice lack of class, his crude jokes, and his lack of love for the great one, he was really good to have around. He was a release value and in a fire station were fiery emotions were more frequent then the fires it was needed deeply.
“Sorry Tom, only 2389th time. We have only been playing chess for three years and eight months. Before that the Station manager lost 587 games of bridge and 37 of boggle. ”
“Look, your one of those savant things, I get that. But why a fireman?” Medic Jane asked from her desk in the office.
“I am good at it.”
No one argued with that. William had helped the Station somehow clear it’s quota and was really good at Emergancy management. He had this way of talking to people that made them think clearer and or made them feel better. He was also very fit, despite his size. And finally he didn’t take risks when it wasn’t needed. As the chief said there are old firemen, and there are bold firemen, but there are no old bold firemen.
William moved his kings pawn forward one space. “Pawn to king one”
There were now a minimum of eight moves and a maximum of thirty seven moves till the game finished. The calculation came in his head without even thinking it, like a owl suddenly pouncing on a mouse, his mind grabbed the numbers and just gave them to him. While he waited for the chief to make his move William worked on fixing a cipher issue he had come across in his mind.
Interrupting his thought pattern the siren went off. It was time for work.