The plumber decides

It had been an ordinary day. That was what he remembered most about it. Adam had known he was gay since he was 10 or so and it was on a day just like this one. He had started by going to the park, as usual for a 10 year old boy with no other pressing summertime commitment. His farther had died the winter before last and his mother had since then let him do pretty much as he pleased. So he went to the park and met his first love. It was not planned, it happened in a instant.
His name was Pedro. A Mexican immigrant with forbidden eyes and just enough of a sense of adventure to play cops and robbers in the old abandoned warehouse next to the park. Adam remembered clearly that first game with Pedro. It had been marvelous.

“Hi I am Pedro. ” He had said with a heavy accent “I like your shorts.”
Adan didn’t think there had been anything to remarkable about them but thanked him anyway. “Thanks, I am Adam. Adam Adropolis”
“Want to play in the old warehouse? It’s really cool.”
Adam nodded. Seemed like an adventure.
The warehouse was completely unremarkable, you got in via a big gap in the old fence. It was single story with a big wood floor that squeaked when you walked on it. Boxes of old newspapers sat strewn around like bones that a fox had been at. After briefly exploring, Pedro and Adam played cops and robbers till the sun went down. At the end of the sunlight, Adam realized how late it was and how much fun Pedro had been. It was then that Pedro kissed him, once on the lips as they were saying goodbye.
“Heh. It was fun being cop to your robber, especially when you stole the million dollars worth of newspapers. ” Adam explained. He stood near the gap in the fence looking towards home.
Pedro looked at him and said “Is great fun here, my folks used to let me play in places like the all the time back home, before we moved.”
Adam adjusted his shorts and moved through the gap, Pedro behind him.
“It’s not worth going home without a present” Pedro said “Let me give you one”
Then Adam was kissed on the lips, and that was it. Love.

On the way home, after a few more kisses with Pedro, Adam had wondered what he would tell his mother. Playing with Girls was allowed but what about kissing boys and Enjoying it?
He never had to tell her. He took one look in her eyes and she knew. She asked how the park had been. He said good and left it at that. Pedro and Adam played cops, robbers and kisses for all of summer. Till school came back and then he never saw Pedro again. A sad day, but Pedro had taught Adam what he was and how to live with it. Normally. It was a great gift he used though all his relationships with boys from then on. His mother was always proud that he just dealt with being gay like it was natural as apples. Though it had not made high school easy, it wasn’t really as hard thanks to Pedro.


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