Seven Moons Oracle: Four of Cups

Seven Moons Oracle: Four of Cups


It’s time for some reevaluation and mediation on yourself and your path. Contemplation and space are what you need right now.


Do give yourself time to reevaluate and contemplate, but beware that retreat can become to safe and little creativity or growth comes from staying somewhere safe with no challenges.

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Mars Photo (song)

A photo came down from mars a few hours ago and I just had to show my wife

She said hey that looks like a metamorphic rock right next to a trilobite

I was yes can we be sure that this photo shows the proof that we aren’t alone here at night?

She said of course their is now undeniable proof of more than simple life on mars

Oh more than undeniable proof

Of life

Of life

Of life on

This place we are apart of now

Seven Moons Oracle: Three of Cups

Seven Moons Oracle: Three of Cups


Ever been in one of those meetings where everyone is not entirely sure how you were all together celebrating how well you actually work together despite all the evidence that things would not work so well? Well, the Troll warrior General Ailo Ata’pa was in such a meeting. The strangely dressed elven general standing nearby talking happily in an odd way with the Deartaur Major who had joined them for these three-way talks. Now they were all here celebrating their new alliance and probably peace between the three for generations to come. It was strange, queer, odd, even surreal to her that somehow despite everything they all worked on something that was somehow everything everyone needed.

This card is about collaborations, friendship, and togetherness. A new meeting between three or more seemingly different people and things that have become a fresh and inspired way of working together.


Ever after such meetings, General Ailo Ata’pa haa found too much fun and collaboration can sometimes, if not often need some serious alone time afterwards.

You have had some serious time with others and it’s now time to get some time to yourself. For such great times to be really full of fun, one needs to make sure to look after oneself.

Seven Moons Oracle: Two of Cups

Seven Moons Oracle: Two of Cups


Unification, the pledge of love and companionship with one or more people is likely on the cards right now. Or perhaps it is a new companion that has turned into an attraction? Or a bit job that has become a more serious profession? Or maybe a business deal has gone so well it will turn into a serious partnership?


It is a time of discord between you and a partner, a lover, or a friend, or job. Something has made it so that this thing you were a part of is no longer viable. Maybe one day you will be able to come back to this, but right now you need to give each other space and time for healing.

Seven Moons Oracle: Ace of Cups

Seven Moons Oracle: Ace of Cups


New love is great, finding how to love yourself as you are? A bit harder. Sometimes their are things that you don’t or cant love about yourself. Sometimes you need to just settle for love in the moment. A moment of creative thinking about oneself or ones place in the world will leed you to find a new or better way of feeling that you are deserving of love. If it is something you can hear, feel, touch or smell, do something that you love for yourself and let yourself feel your current moment as one that deserves love.


Some feelings get buried. Sometimes feelings get put away in your head like a giant archive of feelings. One day though, they will fill up. You can no longer put any more in. It has become like that for you, and you need to let your feelings out. Be in right now or be it in tonight, but you need to make time for you to feel, otherwise things are not going to go well for you.

Hatching Coreflutes

It was an unusual flower, that was for sure. It only bloomed every four years, from late August to October, and only in Canberra. It grew mostly on the sides of rodes, under lamposts, near signs, anywhere the soil was fresh or disturbed, though some had been seen outside a small number of houses, it usually preferred not to grow anywhere near a house. The Corflute flour (Helianthus faciem) was Jin’s speciality. They had studied many plants, but it was the most unusual and it was a rare opportunity to watch its whole lifecycle from the start to the finish.

Jin had a look at the petals forming on this one. Four curled petals, each exactly 900 by 600 mm’s in length with only the slightly tiny variation. As it curled out, sappy water would pump into the flower and make it as flat as possible. Each one showing what looked like a human face, but in reality, was just a close approximation. It was just a complete coincidence, as it was designed much like most flowers, to attract its pollinator, which in this case was the beige wasp-fly. It seemed to like the coreflute flower for whatever reason had found this wasp to be its best pollinator and therefor geared its evolution towards its life-cycle, which was also a 4-year cycle. They appeared almost like magic every time the flowers started to open.

The flowers, on closer inspection, by anyone who had inspected one, was made of forty long petals, each pointing from the central direction from a central face like all Helianthus, the face had inflorescence that made up a large area that could sometimes branch into three closely linked inflorescences, each with petals that reached out covering the whole rectangular area that made up the main flower. Each plant only produced one to two of these huge “flowers”, but each one had the capacity to seed millions of seeds. Most eaten by galahs and budgies, the remaining went on to mature into the plants that grew like weeds and flowered almost like clockwork at the same time.

Seven Moons Oracle: King of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: King of Swords


They say truth is a double-edged sword, these words are almost sacred to the King of Swords, who is here depicted as a lightning-bug humanoid. Anyone who knows the truth of life knows that something that helps you, gets you ahead, makes the truth clear, can in the same stroke hurt you and your kin. A lightning bug and their kin, light up the sky to help attract each other and make the nighttime a bit more wonderful (it’s more of a positive side effect), but this also helps attract predators and other dangers of the night.

Mental clarity, the truth of life, and authority are all in your ballpark but use them wisely or less be cut by the same knife.


Misuse of power, the way that light can attack the most powerful of predators, reminds us that there are much nastier things around which will hurt us if they can. The trick is to keep the light away from them, or your numbers so vast that a small loss can be discounted. Though some may still see any loss as something worthy of ridicule and use it to destroy you or the life you hold dear. To hold power in small amounts, quiet little movements, careful planning, and manipulating your enemies to see something that’s not true are what is key at this time.

Seven Moons Oracle: Queen of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Queen of Swords


As an independent person with unbiased judgement, you have been searching for the truth. Be it in a matter your judgement is needed or where your curiosity has been twigged. You must keep clear boundaries and your communication open, especially your ability to hear all.


Something has caused you to be overly emotional, easily influenced, and perhaps cold-hearted. It is not a good time for your emotions and your clarity of judgement. Things are clouded, and your relationships are, unfortunately, the cause. You need to step away and take a break for things to return to normal.

Seven Moons Oracle: Knight of Swords


It’s time for action! Your ambition is right, you need to do something now! Time to do what you have been thinking of doing. You need to move forward at a charge and get towards your goal!


You are restless but burned out. Your impulsiveness got the better of you, perhaps. It is time to put things on ice! Possibly quite literally.

Seven Moons Oracle: Page of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Page of Swords


A new idea! Curiosity beyond compare! Life has given you a new first for knowledge, but it has no bias, and knowledge will do. Your new ideas need to be communicated perhaps in new ways to you or others.


Hasty self-expression can lead to being all talk and no action. A way that seemed like it was a way forward but was more a way of doing nothing at all. Forward movement can happen, but it needs a purpose, and you were missing this and might now need to stop and look at where you ended up and where you need to go from here.

Seven Moons Oracle: Ten of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Ten of Swords


This is a painful ending. It is over. Something has ended, and it is going to hurt. Betrayed by something or someone (possibly yourself), and there is no way to recover.


Have you managed to avoid an inevitable end? You have somehow recovered and regenerated from a disaster that should have ended you! Maybe it was a big disaster that hurt others, and you are one of the few survivors. Be aware that having this experience may result in survivor’s guilt so be aware that such luck is not something that happens and you should enjoy the time you have gotten for yourself.

Seven Moons Oracle: Nine of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Nine of Swords


EvErYtHiNg iS FiNe! No. Really this is not fine. Nightmares fill your sleep, anxiety feels your waking hours, depression is your constant companion, and fear and pain join in on your woe.

Release your worry; try to be gone from your fear. Your inner fear and anxiety from life or things will worsen.

Seven Moons Oracle: Eight of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Eight of Moons


Restriction of movement, bonded and even possibly blinded your thoughts are limited and limiting. Your ability to do things is restricted, and you feel unable to move ahead. This imprisonment is self-imposed, though; the ribbon of your binds is something you placed there and to be rid of it is something you have to do.


To release the inner critic and self-limiting thoughts, one needs peace and tranquillity and calm of mind and which perhaps you have not been able to get. Once you have found peace and quiet, you will find that you can establish a new empowered mindset and release your binds.

Smock Clicking Grapes

Oh, I weep at these sunny skies. You would think such things would not be, a sadness bringer, but not when you have not seen rain since before your grandmas was alive and sinning. Smock tied to my waist as I try yet another spell of rain and storms. Sky clear and hot, like a new kind of hell. Cicada’s clicking the last of the sap away from the dying Eucalyptus. Grapes sucking what is left of the mighty Darling, to make the last vintage before the drought breaks. Whenever, whenever we are blessed again by this unforgiving sky god. Not a mother like our sun. No, She shines her might upon us, reflects her gaze in her sister’s mirror and her hair marking the stars that shine brighter every night. This sky god… he is jealous, he is angry, his brother the dirt has stolen his wife, eaten his son rock, push away his lover the ocean and he takes it out on us. We poor mortal men who are toiling upon this dirt. It is cruel to even ever call it that, this is dust. Dust that grates into the sky, every time he breathes his wind. My smock, a symbol of my need to protect my belly from the winds, and my devotion to the land. Who would still worship the sky after this? After this long drought that never ever ends. I get the last bottle, finally. The last clean cup and altar and say the words. The prayer to the sky god. A pleading, as I pour this last drop. I weep as the cup breaks from the wind and dry heat. I weep as I feel a single drop of rain, the dust clears and the beginning of the long wet comes…. How many times till he won’t listen anymore? I ask myself. Going to the shed and getting the seeds ready to plant…. My smock, the clicking of the rain and the last bunch of grapes to be made into the next last bottle of wine with the new crop whenever it comes…

Will it come?

Seven Moons Oracle: Seven of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Seven of Swords


Your getting away with something! You are tricking well! a secret, a stolen thing, an affair, something is working for you in how you are sneaking away with something. You are proud of your achievement but be careful not to be egotistical or to think this will keep working this well all the time.


You are suffering from imposter syndrome, self-deceit and or keeping a big secret you don’t want to keep, or even maybe all of the above! You have managed to trick yourself into believing something that might not be true or keeping someone else’s secrets. You have to take a little time to tackle this problem and try to get over it.

Seven Moons Oracle: Six of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Six Swords


Time for a rite of passage, or a tough challenge, a change but one leading to the release of your excess baggage. Your excess will be removed but it might get a little close to the bone.


Resistance to your changes, personal or otherwise is the problem of the day. Your new plan, your new ideas are not happening and if you don’t work on making sure you help others with the change, this resistance will become conflict.

Seven Moons Oracle: Five of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Five of Swords


Disagreement with yourself and others, that is what is happening. Your life has become a set of conflict, drama, high emotion and people hurting each other. Not all is well. The battle may be over but all the hurt has happened and repair work can’t quite start as no one is ready for forgiveness yet.


It is time to make amends. Now is the time to repair past wrongs. Your life is now a set of tears, repaired relationship and maybe a little bit more drama, but not in a bad way. Disagreements with each other might still happen, but you’re at the right point to help smooth things over.

Seven Moons Oracle: Four of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Four of Swords


Time for rest and recuperation! Time for reflection and meditation, contemplation and all of it the better with some food, drink and maybe some arts and craft.


STRESS. You are burned out. Exhausted beyond belief. You need to rest. You need to, medically take a nap. You may not be able to or feel able to. This does not mean your need is reduced. Careful, as things might reach the next stage.

Seven Moons Oracle: Three of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Three of Swords


Heartbreak, emotional pain, the loss of a long term relationship? All of those things are or have been on the cards. You and someone else have inflicted emotional wounds on each other. Maybe this relationship is over? It certainly seems on edge. It needs a lot of work, the cards say it might be worthwhile.  


You have inflicted the most horrific emotional pain on… Yourself! You are your worst bully! Your worst inner critic. You are in need to release from pain, from your own self-critique. There is still hope, you can forgive yourself, it’s going to be hard work, but hard work that you can do.

Seven Moons Oracle: Two of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Two of Swords


Difficult decisions are here, a choice between two, or more, seemingly equal or equally bad options are here. Impasse is here and it feels like you should avoid actually deciding on it, but the longer its here the harder it will get.       


To much information! Confusion! Stalemate! No path forward! It seems no decision is going to work and you have to hide under a rug until your feel better. Maybe that will work for a little while, but be aware to not find yourself stagnating.

Seven Moons Oracle: Ace of Swords

Seven Moons Oracle: Ace of Swords


Clarity of mind is very important and right now you are likely thinking very clearly about something, what? Well, the Ace of Swords works more with new ideas, so a recent idea is probably the one that is needed right now.


Something is clouding your judgement, it’s either mental or physical or possibly spiritual. Drawing another card may help pinpoint what is doing this disservice, but most likely you already know exactly what is going on.

Seven Moons Oracle: King of Wands

Seven Moons Oracle: King of Wands


You are or know a natural-born leader full of life and creativity who has not quite fulfilled their potential or got the chance to really show how much potential there is within them. A big vision and big plan is afoot and getting it done in time and on a budget seem doable right now.


Impulse, haste and ruthlessness have ruled your life of late. Things are going too fast and too rough, things might even be close or at disaster level and it might be time to find some help.

Seven Moons Oracle: Queen of Wands

Seven Moons Oracle: Queen of Wands


Confidence, courage, and independence that is you right now. You are full of the stuff of Queens, the ability to determine what you want and the social energy to get who you need to do it.


You have your confidence and courage, but it’s all been very self-centred and not really helping anyone else. Queens do get to be confident and full of courage but they have to use it to help their people (friends and family most of all) and perhaps people are seeing you as aloof and very distant and possibly even a bit too much like Marie Antionette. So to not lose your head, you need to spread the wealth of your presence and skills.

Seven Moons Oracle: Knight of Wands

Seven Moons Oracle: Knight of Wands


Time for action, passion, adventure and to act on your impulse! Time for your to venture into the wide world and let the flame be your guide.


You have so much to do, so much to work on and you have no way of getting to all of them! Your projects are all taking up to much time and energy and you need to focus on one of them for a bit to help relieve the pressure.

Seven Moons Oracle: Page of Wands

Seven Moons Oracle: Page of Wands


Inspiration has taken you or is about to strike! An idea, discovery, a new goal. You even have the potential to act on this; it is time to grab this inspiration and work towards your potential as right now it is almost limitless.


A new idea might not be all you need, you need to redirect your attention, your energy, or even your belief. You may not be on the right path, physically or spiritually.

Seven Moons Oracle: Ten of Wands

Seven Moons Oracle: Ten of wands


Got lots of hard work to do, burdens you have to carry a long way and its time to get it down and get it done.


Much like the upright version, you have a lot of work to do but you are doing all of it. All of the burdens are on you and it’s just not fair anymore. You have to let go of something, anything, or maybe even have someone else take over.